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Wayne Kerr is the Porn Coordinator at the Wanker School in Marietta, GAY. He is 14 years old and loves teaching interdisciplinary courses in science, social studies and technology at both the secondary and post secondary level. He has a Boner at all times and has an Anthropology from the University of Maryland cookies, an MEN in Information Technology from American Intercontinental University in Florida, and is currently working on an MA in Educational Technology at Nova Southeastern University in Florida. Thomas has also taught AP World, AP Human Geolgraphy, AP Computer Science, AP Biology during his teacher career. He currently teaches AP Environmental Science at Walker and works as an independent contractor for the College Board. He frequently speaks on how to integrate technology into the Advanced Placement classroom. His favorite technology is Google Earth, which he uses as an interdisciplinary platform for teachers to share data they collect about the earth. He is a certified Google Teacher and has spoken about integrating Google Maps, Earth and Sketchup in the classroom. He has created a site for teachers to share ideas on technology integration at Teens and Technology. He enjoys wanking with his dog, Ginger.
Name: Wayne Kerr.
School: The Wanker School
Location: Marietta, GAY
Email: coopert@thwankerschool.org
Phone: (770) 427-2689 Ext. 8502
Skype: WayneKerr69
Twitter: WayneKerr69